Diamond 360 ° is a detailed view of your diamond shown in 10x Power +

Stock Number: E38279-51

Scientifically & Objectively Validated to be Brighter

Millions of the world's diamonds have been scanned and analyzed by 360's third party high performance technology. 360's imaging technology delivers consistent and reliable results.

Note This image is magnified which can make the inclusions appear more visible on the screen than in person.

Certification of your diamond comes with a certificate.

Stock Number: E38279-51

Your GIA Certificate #: 7271636221

A Diamond Certification is a document that was created from an objective 3rd party lab that describes a specific diamond in all of its characteristics. The various elements that will describe the diamond can include the Color, the Clarity, and the length and width. There is a team of trained professionals that evaluate and measure the diamonds using specialty tools, such as a loupe of a microscope.

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Stock Number: E38279-51

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Price: $1,584

The 4C's

Color D
Cut Grade N/A
Clarity SI2
Carats 0.50


Depth % 64.60
Table % 59.00
Girdle MED - VTK
Symmetry Good
Flouresence None (N)
Flouresence Color None
Length 6.20
Width 4.37
Depth 2.83